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English courses in your company

One of the most common reasons in attending an English course at Adria-Sprachenservice in Schwerin is the desire to be able to converse in a relaxed and informal manner with business partners. You don't have to learn it all at once and become business fluent immediately. When the small-talk goes off smoothly without any worries, then the ground is prepared for good business. And when the push comes to the shove, an interpreter from Adria Sprachenservice can be added until you are able to take on the job yourself. Then we will share your pleasure on your success – both personally by your command of the language and commercially for your company.

Over many years, we have witnessed a development of the economy in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania that is increasingly opening up to the outside world.

Yes, this is good, but at the same time it creates a challenge to company employees, who suddenly have to deal with import and export matters. The last English lesson not infrequently seems to have been a lifetime ago ... No problem. We send our teachers into your company, or alternatively, invite your team to our premises. We don't only teach the language, but also make you and your employees sufficiently self-confident to expand onto the international stage with all the resources you need. Without pressure but with fun and success. This is our promise. Please phone us – we look forward to you contacting us.


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