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Your interpreting agency in Brandenburg, Chorin

n just a few decades, modern media and transport possibilities have virtually revolutionised markets and personal exchange platforms. Hitherto little-known suppliers have become the best business partners. Joint plans are being implemented, jobs created and new business areas opened up. The basis: personal contact, of course – lively shaped by communication through language. Interpreters from Transtext, your Interpreting Agency in Brandenburg, will stand at your side in business negotiations, delegation trips or other business occasion to provide sure and expert support.

But there also exist less pleasant situations, in which we provide you with specialist support. In hospitals or in court, for example. Many of our interpreters are publicly appointed and legally sworn, and are deeply familiar with the high requirements of court hearings with regard to linguistic and cultural skills. In our main office, we always select those colleagues who best fit your requirements. It is not only a question of specialist fields and the journey, but also of the special kind of interpreting required. Please read here the diverse nature of the specialisations of our interpreters. And, of course, in the main office in Chorin we will be delighted to answer your questions.

Consecutive interpreters

These are the widest-ranging of all interpreters, being used in all possible areas, including business negotiations, working lunches as well as doctor's consultations and discussions with public authorities. Consecutive interpreters first listen to what a dialogue partner is saying in his own language. Then the interpreter repeats what was said in the target language to the person being spoken to. How long the interpreter speaks for varies quite a lot. Some time each sentence is interpreted separately, but sometimes also complete passages lasting several minutes.

Simultaneous interpreters / Conference interpreters

In plain language, "simultaneous" means doing several things at the same time. Namely, listening in one language, thinking in both languages and speaking in the target language. The concentration necessary to master all this is simply enormous. This form of interpreting is particularly used at conferences. We at Transtext make specially trained colleagues available to you, and – if required – also provide the technical equipment. Please contact us with your requests, we will be delighted to advice you.

Court interpreters

Our colleagues, who have specialised in interpreting at court, are well versed in legal situations. They have a firm command of the style and terminology required, and – as needed – are also able to explain terms and judgement to witnesses or defendants at the court's request. Our interpreters are usually publicly appointed and legally sworn. You may rely on their commitment and their highly professional and outstanding quality of work. You can order interpreters by telephone, email or post – however you wish.


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