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To put it bluntly, you could describe "translation" as the written transfer of texts from one language into another language. This though, can only be considered as a general and overarching statement. This simple description hardly takes into account the variety of different requirements that each individual project provides. This ranges from certified translations of technical papers via technical documents through to legal texts – as well as many other kinds of texts.

Here you can see some examples of what we translate. This, of course, can only be a small part. If you have documents for translation that do not fit any of these types of texts, please contact us anyway – we welcome a challenge!

Official texts

Officialese is very specific indeed. This is not only true for the German-speaking world. Due to the neutrality required of state institutions, this style of language is extremely objective – it contains no emotion at all. Particularly important: translations of official texts usually have to be certified. Whether penalty orders or decisions, judgements or objections – with our certified translators, your texts are in the best heads and hands.

Technical manuals

It's a real pity when engineers and other creative persons develop really fascinating systems – and nobody is able to tap their full technical potential, because the manual is only written in a language, which the operators do not properly master. In fact, it's not only a pity but can also become dangerous. What if somebody opens a safety valve instead of closing it? Definitely better and safer: enclose a reliable and understandable manual! We translate manuals for the extensive and secure operation of technical systems all over the world. On the basis of specialist expertise, competence and native speakers.

Operating instructions

Like other texts, operating instructions require not only linguistic and specialist expertise but also cultural skills. Simple formulations with completely clear statements are necessary. With no possibility of confusion. No manufacturer should sell his products or systems in a country without including operating instructions in the language of that country. Transtext translates them and brings them into shape for the target market. Please contact us – we would be delighted to advise you.


Everybody is familiar with it – even with contracts in your own language, there is often scope for interpretation in the sentences. Depending on the sequence and context of the words selected, it is possible to interpret paragraphs in different ways. All too often, vaguely formulated contracts form part of the daily bread and butter of lawyers, who then fight it out in court as to what is really meant. Accordingly demanding is the translation of contracts into a different language. Here too, not only specialist and linguistic expertise but also cultural skills are required. Only those persons, who are familiar with the legal system and regulatory framework in the country of the target language, will be able to properly read, interpret and translate contracts. It's fortunate for you that you can rely on the expertise of Transtext translators.


Many milestones in life can be sealed with a certificate. Given the increasing internationalisation in our daily lives, we more often need translations of our personal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and driving licences, etc., in other languages. Our translators are familiar with the formulations and statutory framework conditions in the individual cultural circles. How can driving licenses be compared? How are names transferred from different alphabets? Do we have a birth certificate or a full-form birth certificate? Our specialist translators clarify all these questions and undertake an accurate translation of your certificate. After all, we want you to be satisfied.


When you've completed your school or university education or training, you could be one of the many persons who today are planning on letting the wind blow in their hair in another country. And so that you'll be properly equipped, you should take your testimonies and references with you. Our specialist translators know the legal and cultural framework conditions applicable for globetrotters to have to present their educational and training certificates. People who come to live and work in Germany also have to substantiate their qualifications. Rely on Transtext expertise – here you will receive accurate translations of your references.


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