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Court interpreters

No room for ambiguities
No room for ambiguities

Court interpreters

Courts come into play when contentious things need to be decided objectively and in accordance with German law. Regardless of whether it is a family or a criminal case, the relevance for those involved – victims and perpetrators – is enormous. We make our staff available to the courts in order that everything can be clarified down to the last detail.

Many of our colleagues specialise in interpreting for official authorities. They have a command of the necessary terminology and are familiar with the German legal system. They are of absolute integrity and often publicly appointed and generally sworn. Our court interpreters can help you to shine a light into the darkest corner, clarify questions and make judgements on the basis of facts.

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Escort interpreters

The right interpreter to hand in every situation: negotiations, business trips, trade exhibition appearances etc.

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Conference interpreters

Conference interpreters of the highest professionalism for clear understanding.

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