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Escort interpreters

Competence at your side
Competence at your side

Escort interpreters

When people of different origins meet up for an exchange, it is generally accompanied by linguistic hurdles. Be assured, we will overcome them together. Fetch professional competence for yourself – for clear agreements, to avoid misunderstandings and simply to make yourself feel better.

Our versatile interpreters are deployed in all kinds of situations. For example, they interpret during your court hearing. Or they accompany you on business trips in a country in which you don’t speak the language. Our interpreters not only bring along linguistic skills but also consolidated cultural knowledge. This helps you navigate confidently through all linguistic and cultural minefields, regardless of whether you are deployed in Germany or abroad.

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Court interpreters

Our court interpreters are familiar with the material and confident in handling specialist vocabulary.

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Conference interpreters

Conference interpreters of the highest professionalism for clear understanding.

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