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About us

Who we are
We all live our passion for languages


We all live our passion for languages. Translations of technical documents require just the same amount of commitment as interpreting for authorities or in companies or hospitals.

It is our profound conviction that every customer who needs a linguistic service should receive services of a professional standard. That’s why at Adria we apply high standards to ourselves– which make us proud and you satisfied.

Translations are principally done from the foreign language into the mother tongue. This principle is one pillar of high quality. That goes without saying. But the icing on the cake is that beyond this, specialist translators are entrusted with upcoming jobs – people who are familiar with certain fields, who can translate technical manuals because they specialise in a particular area, or translators who are publicly appointed and generally sworn because they work mainly for the courts and authorities. Secure knowledge of the language, use of translation techniques and knowledge of the cultural context in which the target text is to be used as a matter of course – those are the ingredients of professional working. No machines or laypeople but specialists who live up to your expectations.

We are all very aware of the faith you place in us when you give us your texts. Trust promotes confidentiality, a fundamental principle of our work. You have our word on that– and we can do words really well.

At home all over the world


There are a lot of us; almost 400 people work for Adria-Sprachenservice. We live in all kinds of places and countries across the world, co-operating via modern media, using time differences for especially urgent jobs. We are white or black or something in between, believe in this or that God or none at all. But all we have one thing in common: We love to be mediators between people of different origins, whether to stimulate global trade, to make magical literature accessible for more people or to help with legal or medical questions.

Six staff work at Adria-Sprachenservice headquarters in Schwerin. We all translate and interpret or teach ourselves and also co-ordinate the work of other colleagues worldwide.

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Ivica Ilic

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Rilana Ehrhardt-Richter

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Sabine Kloss-Franke

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Alessia Zoschke



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