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We speak 80 languages fluently
Your translation service

Your translation service

What for us is our daily bread and butter is sometimes not immediately apparent to customers. The difference between translating and interpreting, for example. They cheerfully talk of oral translating and written interpreting. The truth is rather different. Translations are language documents in written form, while interpretation services are delivered orally. Things are that simple sometimes.

At Adria-Sprachenservice, highly skilled and experienced specialist translators are at your service for translations into (or from) most of the world’s languages. Translations from one foreign language into another are also no problem – this is a familiar task for us.

There is virtually no limit to the types of texts we translate. We translate operating instructions, technical manuals, penalty orders (criminal judgements), certificates and medical documents – in a nutshell, everything that is to be read in a different language. In doing so, we work strictly in accordance with the “native tongue meets specialist” principle. This means that specialist translators edit the texts and transfer them into their own native tongue.

Special circumstances require special measures. This is well known. At Adria-Sprachenservice, each text receives particular attention. It is entitled to expect professional treatment, and so are you. Professional expertise, native language quality, short processing times and strict adherence to deadlines – this is our promise to you.

Take a look at a brief summary of our most typical types of texts:

Technical manuals

Translations of technical manuals by specialists with expert knowledge

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Operating instructions

Translations of operating instructions by technically competent persons

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Official texts

Certified translation of summonses, judgements, penalty orders, etc.

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Certified translations of certificates from all kinds of occasions such as marriages, divorces, births or driving licences

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So that everything is crystal clear – translations of all kinds of contract, additionally certified on request

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Certified translations of school reports, professional training and qualifications, etc.

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